If your hot water system needs replacing, FNQ Hot Water will help you select the right product to suit your budget and requirements. We supply all leading brand stainles steel solar hot water, gas and heat pump units from leading brands such as Rinnai and Rheem.

All of our products cost very little to run, are long lasting and require minimal maintenance. For that extra peace-of-mind we offer a comprehensive service warranty and reliable after-sales service. Contact us today to arrange an inspection or enquire about the Government incentives available for solar hot water systems.


  • Equinox solar hot water by Rinnai (stainless steel)
  • Rinnai continuous flow hot water system
  • Rinnai gas hot water system
  • Rinnai solar, gas and heat pump (commercial)


  • Rheem stainless steel solar hot water system (domestic)
  • Rheem warm water system (commercial) (suitable for hospitals and aged care facilities)
  • Rheem gas water heaters (commercial)
  • Rheem solar water heaters (commercial)
  • Rheem heat pumps (commercial)


    GFX Series Indirect Fired Storage Unit

  • Designed to provide either warm or hot water (38 - 60°C)
  • Indirect storage hot or warm water heat exchange system heated by a remote heat source
  • The water in the storage tank is treated by a tannin-based inhibitor which is heated by a pump circulating it through the remote heat source
  • Constructed from mild steel designed to withstand high water temperatures of up to 99°C on a continual basis - no anode or artificial lining to prevent corrosion
  • High density fibreglass insulation for maximum efficiency


    DVX Series Gas/Oil Fired Heater

  • Heavy duty indirect appliance (open vented to atmosphere) fitted with forced draught gas or oil burner
  • Designed to provide domestic hot water and/or process heating from the one unit
  • Constructed from 6mm mild steel designed to withstand high water temperatures of up to 99°C on a continual basis
  • No anodes or artificial lining; storage tank contains treated water which is heated by a thermostatically controlled forced draught gas or oil burner
  • High density 50mm fibreglass insulation to reduce standby losses for maximum efficiency

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